Further but ever closer


    In order to support its growing activities, ANOTECH Energy is enhancing its commercial team by recruiting business managers.

  Be a part of a dynamic team leading in Strategic sales development!



You will be involved in creating and expanding your worldwide network of clients in the Oil & Gas sector.

As a business manager, you will be in charge of:

  • Developing and strengthening business relations with your clients and prospects.
  • Recruiting and managing a team of consultants, by playing an active role in their career growth.
  • Overseeing and managing operations and budget of your Business Unit.



Your capacities…

Be business oriented and ready to negotiate, convince and provide new solutions.
Interpersonal skills to better interface and coordinate with your consultants and
In short, you need to be result driven, ambitious and a dynamic team player to
join the core of ANOTECH Energy’s challenging activities.

Your mobility…

Through our international presence and our several offices, you may have the
opportunity to move abroad and develop business by locally undertaking a key role.

  Your evolution…

    Performance will be the key of your success within ANOTECH Energy. We offer various careers levels depending on your results and your maturity on the job.

Example of Benjamin, Senior Business Unit Manager at ANOTECH Energy since 2011

I joined ANOTECH Energy in 2011.
My education is aerospace engineer; I discovered the business engineer job and the exciting world of the “Oil & Gas” with ANOTECH Energy.
Every day I face a wide range of decisions and responsibilities, ranging from recruiting our teams to managing business portfolios.
Our mission also involves technical and commercial interface with the company’s clients, as well as the negotiation of contracts…
… All this while managing multiple time geographic areas, and in three different languages!
During my first two years spent in France, I was involved in handling offshore issues regarding North and West Africa sea operations.
Now based abroad, I manage ANOTECH Energy’s local teams, working on one of the largest gas liquefaction projects in the world.
I invite all who look for challenge and responsibility, and seek new learning experience at the intersection of team management and project management to join us; and be part of a nice working ambiance as part of a young and dynamic team.

In one word: adventure!