Beyond Borders


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What makes the difference working with ANOTECH Energy is the premium support provided by our mobility experts. Close to our clients and consultants through our local offices, our team is available to assist 24/7 and ensures complete compliance with local requirements.
Throughout each project, a personal mobility expert is dedicated to the consultant and accompanies him/her all along the mission.

Health, Security & Safety

ANOTECH Energy operates in complex regions and your health, your security and your safety are essential to us. We schedule specific offshore and onshore trainings and ensure medical examinations and vaccinations to guarantee the best conditions during missions.

At ANOTECH Energy, we have signed partnership agreements with one of the world’s leading medical & security providers offering a comprehensive package including healthcare coverage, hospitalization, medical assistance / repatriation and luggage insurance, third-party liability and death & disability benefits.

Logistics & Immigration

To ensure timely mobilizations as smooth as possible and under optimum conditions, at ANOTECH Energy we understand a complete compliance to the host country requirements is mandatory. Therefore, our mobility experts have established relationships of trust with local business partners and foreign embassies to guarantee the appropriate documentation prior to departure and throughout the project. They may also manage all aspects regarding relocation, such as housing, schooling, car rentals, national and international transportation. ANOTECH Energy also has its in-house travel agency ensuring efficiency and competitive pricing.

Payroll & Administration

At ANOTECH Energy, we facilitate administration and payroll to offer worry free mobility and time saving. We have implemented internal processes that ensure efficient services minimizing the administrative tasks for our consultants. Our mobility experts have local knowledge of local compliant procedures. We use the best system to handle our payroll in order to pay our consultants the right amounts on time.

Legal, Tax & Social compliance

At ANOTECH Energy, we take care of compliance with local regulations, payment of tax and social security contributions in the host country. And because laws and legislations are in constant change, our mobility experts also regularly monitor the accuracy of their information about social, tax and legal environment in every country where ANOTECH Energy operates.